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About Us

We believe all children can love literacy

They just need the right tools, teaching and support to feel successful. 

Here, you will find everything you need as a teacher or a parent to support your little ones as they learn to read and write.  We help you understand the skills involved teaching literacy and provide you with the materials to make it fun and interesting. 

Starting children on the road to literacy is exciting and important

The Little Learners Love Literacy is sequenced into 7 stages to teach children the 44 sounds of the English alphabet. 

It is efficient teaching both reading and spelling.

It is explicit - no guessing games or strategies.

It provides resources for children to apply and practise their reading skills. 

Our story

While working with students who needed additional support, Maureen Pollard realised there was a need for explicit and sequential phonemic awareness and phonics teaching in Australian classrooms. When she helped teachers change their approach and pedagogy, the overall literacy results improved drastically ... and Learning Logic was born. 

Starting in 1995 as a small publisher and educational consultancy, we've since extended our range of resources and services to meet a growing demand. The hands-on work we do with children, teachers and parents helps us see what's needed and, combined with evidence-based research, we create practical multi-sensory resources. 

Meet our team

Maureen is our director and passionate advocate of developing children's skills in learning to read, spell and write. Maureen has a B.Educ specializing in Learning Difficulties and has taught in Australia, England, Spain and South Africa and continues to be in touch with what is happening in classrooms.  

Maureen was awarded the Bruce Wicking Award from Learning Difficulties Australia for her contribution to education in 2012. 

Lorraine Lea wrote the stories for Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 of our Little Learners books.  She developed the Zan family - Pip and Tim, Sam and Tip. We are delighted that these stories are available for the iPad and iPhone. Lorraine and Maureen taught together at Tintern Grammar School in Ringwood. 

Berys Dixon is an experienced teacher and writer.  She writes delightful decodable stories with a little twist at the end.  They just keep getting better and better. Berys always dreamed of being a writer - she loves writing! 

Danielle McDonald illustrates and designs our Little Learner books.  She lives on a farm in the Southern Tablelands, NSW with her husband and two gorgeous girls. Read about Danielle on her blog.

Fiona Antonopoulos is a teacher and trainer for Little Learners Love Literacy. Fiona has taught Little Learners Love Literacy for many years. Her understanding of explicit  teaching, engaging children and ensuring success every step of the way, gives her the skills to train others to effectively use Little Learners Love Literacy. Fiona is the director of Milo's House in Balwyn. 

Fiona demonstrates how to do 'Chitter Chatter Chant' and 'Speed Sounds' on our videos. 

Sandy Milne develops our Little Learner Apps.   It is always interesting how one meets people. Sandy and I have an interest in learning Spanish and in class one day my ears pricked up when Sandy explained in Spanish how he had developed an App called Aussie Audio Slang. Well, the rest is history.  Check out Sandy's blog.