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Little Learners Love Literacy

Reading is one of the most important skills children will learn.

Little Learners Love Literacy teaches children to read, spell and write with confidence. It is developed from evidence-based research with explicit activities to engage children's interest while teaching phonemic awareness and phonic skills to learn to read and write.

Some sounds are easier for children to say, feel and hear. For this reason, we have introduced the sounds, /m/, /s/, and /f/ in Stage 1. Vowel sounds should never be introduced close together as they are tricky, however, at least one vowel needs to be introduced early so that children can make words. It makes no sense to teach children letters and sounds, without teaching them how to blend these sounds together to make words.

Once children know the first 8 sounds in Stage 1, they start reading five decodable Little Learner books to put their skills into practice. These stories are about Pip and Tim, their family and pets. The focus is on reading and decoding the words, not looking at the illustrations and guessing. Children feel success from the beginning and begin to understand what reading is all about.


The Teacher Resource book explains step-by-step how to teach these four stages. Phonemic awareness, the ability to hear and manipulate sounds in words, is crucial to literacy success and Little Learners Love Literacy is full of engaging teaching ideas on how to teach these skills for literacy success - breaking words into syllables, identifing and generating rhyme, segmenting, blending and manipulating sounds in words. These strategies are combined with the explicit teaching of phonics. The children practise their phonic skills by reading the Little Learner books. This is crucial to the success of the program giving children success and confidence from the beginning. These books are decodable, that is the words can be'sounded out' except for a few Heart Words - words that children need to learn by heart as, at this stage, they cannot be decoded.

Spelling and handwriting are also an integral part of the program.The Teacher Resource has a CD with photocopy masters for handwriting in 4 different styles.



Little Learners Love Literacy Starter Pack includes:

  • Milo's Birthday Surprise book
  • Teacher Resource book with step-by-step lesson plans. It comes with Ally the alligator puppet (one of Milo's friends) as well as a CD of blackline masters for activities and handwriting as well as the Milo Music CD
  • Milo's Alphabet Games
  • Milo's Birthday Surprise placemat
  • Milo's Flipbook
  • Milo's wall frieze
  • 3 Read and Grab games- green, yellow and pink (CVC & CCVC words)
  • Read and Match game
  • Milo's Making Words placemats (2)
  • 25 Little Learner decodable books to launch children into reading:Stages 1,2,3,4 & Plus 4
  • Milo's Birthday Surprise Activity book- NEW

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Milo's Birthday Surprise


Milo’s Birthday Surprise $24.95

It is Monday morning in March and it’s Milo the monkey’s birthday. Milo wants to celebrate with his friends at the park so he decides to ring them. Milo begins to feel really miserable as all of his friends are busy – Sally the snake is skateboarding down a steep slope, Harry the hippopotamus is hiking up the hill to his house. Why doesn’t anyone answer the phone? This is a delightful way of introducing letters and sounds to children using the names of the Milo’s animal friends as a memory jogger.

Becoming aware of the link between sounds and letters is the first step in learning to read. Engaging and bright illustrations prompt children to search for clues about Milo’s birthday surprise

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Milo's Birthday Surprise Teacher Resource $110 mbs

Includes 2 CDs - Milo's music CD and a blackline master CD plus Ally the alligator puppet. Ally is very special as she only talks in sounds. A great way of teaching segmenting and blending.

This practical resource with 26 explicit teaching sessions explains how to engage children in the learning process of reading, spelling and letter formation using Milo's Birthday Surprise.

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Milo's Alphabet Games $29.95

A pack of 80 cards with 10 top literacy games to help children learn the alphabet sounds. Milo's Alphabet Games has 26 a-z letter cards plus 2 picture cards for each letter of the alphabet.

Additional cards have numerous ideas for teaching children to spell more than 200 words. What a great start to literacy learning!

Use these cards for 'Speed Sounds' fluency practice. A must for every Prep or Kindergarten classroom. Learning the alphabet sounds is just like learning to play a musical instrument - daily practice is important.

Code MAG Price $29.95

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Milo's Birthday Surprise Activity Book $49.95 NEW

Full of engaging, sequential, and multi-sensory activities with a focus on handwriting, reading and spelling.

Fun Milo symbols provide a simple guide to help children work independently.

The Let's Spell strategy is based on the very successful SoundCheck procedure that builds confidence and success while teaching the phonemic and phonic skills of spelling.

Reading and spelling are linked and need to be taught together.

Activities can be photocopied for classroom or home use.

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Milo's Birthday Surprise Alphabet Frieze $19.95

alphabet frieze

A beautifully illustrated a-z frieze to take children on a journey through the alphabet while meeting Milo's alphabet friends. What is Daisy the dog taking to Milo's surprise party? This frieze provides a wonderful opportunity to talk about sounds and letters while having fun.

Code: MAF

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Milo's Making Words Flipbook $19.95

Flip over alphabet cards to make more than 200 words to spell and read. Milo's flipbook provides a super way of combining reading and spelling with a 'hands-on' literacy activity. It is even more fun creating nonsense words and real words.

Did you know that 'ck' follows a short vowel sound. Use the flipbook to see how many words you can make.

Code MMWF: Price $19.95

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Milo's Read and Grab Word Games - children practise reading and decoding words while having fun. They don't even realize they are reading. Now there are 7 games covering the 44 sounds of the English alphabetic code. Each set has 75 word cards so that each game can be varied with new words. Watch the video of children playing this game to see how much they enjoy playing Read and Grab.

Milo's Read and Grab Games: $29.95

The yellow and green games concentrate on words with a consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC). All words can be decoded. Each game has 75 playing cards providing lots of fun with words.

Milo's Read and Grab Consonant Blends $29.95

The purple Read and Grab game focuses on 'consonant blends'. These are words with 2 consonants at the beginning or end of the word, such as snap, plant, crust. Children need as much practice as possible to achieve success. All words can be decoded.

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More Read and Grab Games

Purple - ck, sh, ch, th, ng (same focus as in Stage 6 Little Learner books) Order Online Now

Orange - ai, ay, oa, ee, igh Order Online Now

Aqua - oi, oy, ou, ow, aw, oo Order Online Now

Bright Pink - ar,or, ur,ir, er, air Order Online Now


Order on-line the set of 7 Read and Grab games to cover the 44 sounds of the English alphabet.

Children love these games and don't even realize that they are practising their reading skills. Some children call it the 'thief' game!

Milo's Read and Match Game $29.95

This bingo style game is simple to play and provides more practice reading decodable words. It can also be used to develop 'rhyme'. Find the picture that rhymes with dig - pig, find the picture that rhymes with sun - run. Order online


Speed Sounds and Chants $9.95

These beautifully illustrated cards focus on the graphemes and chants from the Little Learner books.   


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Little Learner books

These beautifully illustrated Little Learner books enable children to read using their knowledge of the letters and sounds to decode text and discover the joy of reading.

There are 35 little books divided into 6 stages. Each stage is carefully sequenced to give children confidence and success. All Little Learner books are expertly levelled to support readers as they move through the stages of learning to read.

Each stage has a small number of Heart words - high frequency words that children need to learn by heart. At the back of each book there is a 'vocabulary check' and 'questions to talk about' section.

$35 for 5 books for Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 Plus 4, 5. $39 for Stage 6 and Stage 7, unit 1. 

Stage Plus 4 Little Learners books (a bridge before reading Stage 5)

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Stage 5 Little Learner books - decodable books with engaging stories.

Focus: consonant blends or clusters - two adjacent consonants each retaining their sound, for example, junk, glum. Introduces the digraph -ck and two consonants representing one sound, for example in the word stuff, will, rabbit.



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Stage 6 focuses on consonant digraphs - ck, sh, ch, th, ng

All books have a delightful story with a twist at the end. There are new characters - the Smith twins who get up to lots of mischief!

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We have put together school packs (5 sets of every stage - 200 books) with special discounts.  More information on our Online Shop. 

A Home pack of Little Learner books

These 40 books that will take your child from reading simple words such as hen and dog to words with adjacent consonants - mess, best to words with consonant digraphs - brush, munch and so on. $275.00 
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Milo’s Birthday Surprise Placemat $12.95

This laminated placemat with Milo's friends on one side and the plain

letter shapes on the other, provides fun opportunities to talk about letters and sounds.

Code MBSP Price $12.95

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Milo's Making Words Placemat $18.95

Two laminated placemats that enable children to identify and circle letters/sounds in a sequence to make words. It also includes -ck ending. The rule being that after a short vowel sound in a one syllable word the /c/ sounds had the letters -ck. The placemat also includes -ll, -ff, -ss plus instructions and lists of words which can be made. A super resource that can be used over and over again.

Each placemat has instructions and lists of words on the back. Very easy to use to teach children the sequence of sounds in a word. The first steps in writing!

One placemat has the Milo characters for the vowels and the other is plain. $18.95

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Milo's Sound Swap Word Game - includes a free reading and spelling activity book with the word chains to use with the game. $39.95

Knowing the relationship between sounds and letters is important for reading and spelling. Sound Swap teaches this in an interactive word game. Children enjoy swapping cards to make new words. The 49 cards, as shown below, are colour coded to match the stages in Little Learners Love Literacy. Price $39.95 Order online